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Oldfast: Safe Chronicles



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Post Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:38 pm

Re: Oldfast: Safe Chronicles

I know.
In case you wonder ... Martin Hewitt is a fictional detective in stories by Arthur Morrison:
Martin Hewitt, Investigator Chronicles of Martin Hewitt


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OldddffAASSTT the Spin Master Extraordinaire and American Lock Slayer

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Re: Oldfast: Safe Chronicles

AL usher69 wrote:I have been getting better manipulating different safe locks. I have some charts that i will be posting soon. I was told to read and read and read again. I'm horrible at understanding most of what I read thanks to ADHD. I will go ever what i have read and every time i seem to learn something i miss the other times i read the same information. I need to thank you and other guys on here that do help there's no judgement just helpful advice. I enjoy reading Safe Chronicles not only do i learn valuable information I get pumped up to want to learn more. When i walk into a locksmith store i get so excited and over whelmed looking at the locks and safes. The problem there is they look at you as your a bad guy and wont talk to you unless you want something to buy. When I mention anything pertaining to manipulating safes and they start asking me what are you wanting to do something wrong. Most of the time I believe they have no clue unless it has to do with drilling.
Well anyway great post and thank you for taking time to explain things. Its people like you who keep this craft, sport, hobby alive and exciting.....

First, props to you on being so diligent, really! Although I don't have ADHD, I can relate maybe on some level. I find myself having to read things many time over before fully comprehending it (especially technical stuff). So it often just comes down to hard work and insane repetition. Which sounds like that's exactly what you're doing. Nice! Props to you for sure.

I STILL get this fealing too! And honestly, I'm elated to hear I may have helped generate some of this same excitement in you. Thank you for the kind words.

As far as the locksmiths; Yes some will shun you. Others will be downright rude or even threatening. And some will be very open-minded and kind! I've experienced all of the above over the years. My best advice is to stay the course while also being as respectful as you can towards other peoples' views. But stay the course.

As to your question regarding rotation:
Oldfast wrote:Again, I use isolation to answer this question: 1@R50...2AR...3@L50.2
And again, maybe easier to visualize it this way: R50 - AR - L50.2
The drop occurs and I can undoubtedly tag it with wheel 2.
AL usher69 wrote:.....I go right to 50 then it says AR then L50.2. If im going right to 50 how would i continue AR then L50.2 i just cant seem to understand cause if i turn right to 50 i would have to turn left or the wheels move off of 50 i hope im explaining my delima

Maybe move away from this specific example for a moment and look at it in a more general sense - like dialing a combination.

Traditionally, we bring wheels to their #'s in alternating directions (back & forth). Most commonly, Left Right Left. But as you're starting to see, we can, if we want or need to, approach them from any direction. We can dial in a 3# combo using all left (LLL). Or, like the example above, RRL.

Essentially, we're picking up wheel(s),
bringing them BEYOND/PASSED the target #,
so that we can pick it/them back up again, then
approach the target # from the desired direction.

Making any sense? I learn best through examples. Let's dial 50 25 70 RRL

R50 R25 L70

R50 All wheels RIGHT to 50

R25 Turn LEFT to pickup wheels 3 & 2. Bring them passed the target (25) and stop on say 30.
Now RIGHT to pickup wheels 3&2 again (at 30 where you parked em). Bring them to 25.

L70 LEFT to pickup w3 (from 25) and bring it to 70

Experiment for a bit, trying some different configurations. Let us know how it goes! Ask more questions if needed!! Above all (as odd as this may sound), tryn' enjoy the frustration, lol. If you're frustrated, it means you're learning. Reaching a new level or phase. It means you're on the verge of a break-through. Some aspect of your game is about to improve!
" Enjoy the journey AS MUCH as the destination."

AL usher69

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Post Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:48 pm

Re: Oldfast: Safe Chronicles

you guys are great and i mean it. Yes i get really inspired from your posts. Adhd is like you hear everything around you at once. My saying was im always in a hurry to get somewhere and then i leave. Again thank you and i have a lot of graphs some good some not so good but im a fighter and very competative and im not a quitter.

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