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Re: Oldfast: Safe Chronicles

castagnojohn wrote:I have really enjoyed "safe chronicles" and have learned a lot by following your posts. It is great to see your progress and the fact that you don't have a stick up your butt about sharing information. I have numerous books on this subject and lock mounts too. Hoping to get going on manipulation very soon. Thanks for the info and inspiration. John

Thank you sir! Manipulation is a wonderful thing & a huge part of my life today.
It's great to hear you're enjoying it... and hopefully for years to come!

madsamurai wrote:Don't know how I missed this last one, but great post as always, Oldfast. Timely, too, as I'm about to finally mount a couple of Diebolds to play with and your tips will almost certainly give me a head-start.
Oldfast wrote:I'm identifying this one as a very early version in the 900 Series (produced from 1954-1970). But corrections are welcomed!

You may be right, I've not seen the 900 series locks yet and wouldn't know the difference, but I have a 177-23 that looks absolutely identical (except that it's left-mounted), including the lack of relocker and ball-bearing. Mine doesn't have any serial numbers or other information besides the model, so I have no idea about production dates, etc.

Nice! Hope it helps... and hope to hear about your spinnin with 'em. Always good to see ya my friend :D

On a side note: Has fuck-it-bucket changed their 3rd party sharing policy again?! LOOK!! AAAAALL my photos have been restored :spinning: Hundreds and hundreds of 'em. I'm even goin' back to some of the oldies, lol. The AMERICAN LOCK . The SLAYMAKER article. Or how about the J.B. Miller, remember THIS short lived fetish? lol. Anyway, I never paid the $400+ they were demanding, so I dunno what the hells goin' on... but I'm thinking it won't last for long and all the photos will be taken down again.

Anyone know what's going on with it?
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