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La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 8:24 pm
by MartinHewitt
Finished my La Gard reset box project. The reset box can reset without knowing the Management Code nearly all La Gard electronic safe locks, when there is direct access to the lock. It is not usable to open a locked safe!

I have attached the schematics of the original La Gard reset box and a rebuilt one. Instead of the original parts I used two 10kOhm resistors, the next best npn transistor and a standard diode. Working perfectly. There are descriptions about its use online. Don't ask me.

Now I only need a La Gard without known PIN.

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:05 pm
by GWiens2001
Thanks for posting. Will have to make one. Keep from having to disassemble and jump.


Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:51 pm
by Anarchy_won
Great work MartinHewitt. I dont have a La Gard to test it with but if I run across one I will let you know how it go's.

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:56 pm
by least
I assume the diode is there to allow the reset-box to power up the lock in case its battery died... Depending on the operating voltage range of the lock, the schottky diode might make a difference if the battery of the reset box would be low - this type of diode has much lower (roughly less than half) forward voltage drop, compared to usual diodes, so the lock might get almost 0.5V more with the schottky.
Kind regards,


Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:26 pm
by MartinHewitt
The battery of the reset box is the only battery connected to the lock. See instructions of the La Gard reset box. The purpose of the diode is IMHO only to protect against doing wrong connections. For the operation it is not important if there is none, a Schottky or a normal diode. With a normal diode the battery looks maybe a bit more used than with the Schottky, but it will work also with a bit more used battery and the voltage is regulated inside the lock.The reset box is also not connected for months.

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:16 pm
by MartinHewitt
There is another reset box from M-Locks, which is usable for M-Locks and La Gard:

Operation for La Gard is the same as the original box. Description for M-Locks locks is a bit different:

1) Do not put battery in ST6060
2) Disconnect power from the lock
3) Press (0) on keypad for 10 sec.
4) Connect reset box to battery/alarm connector (no battery plugged yet)
5) Connect power to lock through keypad (lock signals twice)

Lock is in pre-setup mode. Press (555555) to open.

In case you have problem with an M-Locks lock it is probably worth a try to use the genuine La Gard reset box or a home-made one.

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 8:20 am
by MartinHewitt
The setup documuentation for the ComboGuard Pro ... f-data.pdf
For the Basic I can't find anything. I guess it is the same as with the ComboGuard Pro.
On the AuditGuard the reset seems to work the same, but the setup software is needed to configure the lock afterwards. See ... f-data.pdf
On the Smartlinc the reset seems to work a bit differently and a software is needed too. See ... f-data.pdf

I can't find any documentation what to do with an M-Locks lock in pre-setup mode. Manager software for the xx50 locks can be downloaded at

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:40 pm
by MartinHewitt
Btw. ... I had a look at the key pad. I don't understand how it works. There are four wires. Two are most probably power. The bidirectional data transfer (key presses to the lock and beeping/blinking indication from the lock) must then go via the two other wires. I would expect that there is some tiny microcontroller handling the data, but the most advanced parts are three transistors. There are quite a few different resistors. It might be that each key has its specific resistor/voltage, but that seems to me unlikely. So, how does it work?

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 4:04 am
by C locked
you are correct, the keypad uses different resistance for each keypress, like different tones on the phoneline
and the brains of the lock are all in the lock not the keypad, on most basic keypads

Re: La Gard Reset Box

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:39 am
by MartinHewitt