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Brinks "High Security" Lock Box



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Brinks "High Security" Lock Box

I was at Walmart today and saw a Brinks "High Security" combination lockbox model 665-80001. I was curious as to exactly how high security it really was so decided to pick it up and check it out. After some inspection I came to the conclusion that unlike many combination locks with combination wheels, this lock seems to feature a spring loaded "fence" which enters the wheels when the correct combination is dialed and allows the bolts to retract. When tension is put on the bolts the fence simply binds and the lock will not open even if the correct combination is dialed while tension is on the bolts. Increasing tension on the bolt has no effect on the feeling in the wheels. One cannot get the wheels to stick and feel them enter the gates easily nor judge the gate by the play in the wheels in each position under tension. I wanted to figure out a way to open this lock without any tools or anything like that and after some experimentation have developed a functional method.

Seeing as how there is a spring loaded "fence" I figured it would theoretically be possible to manipulate the wheels and determine when their gates were aligned when one could feel the fence enter the wheels. This would essentially work on the normal principle that these locks can be manipulated. It would be much more difficult though due to the minimal spring tension on the fence which cannot be increased. It took a lot of practice to figure out a method of doing this which is fairly easy and effective. What I do is start on the left most wheel and turn it "down" toward me with my index finger. I put a very small amount of pressure at the top of the wheel and then pulsate my finger each time slightly increasing the pressure in a sort of bouncing motion until enough pressure is developed and the wheel advances one number. I repeat this movement until I feel the wheel move from one number to the next more easily than normal. What's happening here is the spring tension from the fence wanting to enter the gate is helping to move the wheel into alignment. I then leave that wheel in that position and move to the next. I do this for every number from left to right once and then attempt to open the lock. So far I have not succeeded with a single try like this. When the lock fails to open I start again but this time I note the combination already entered, say 4723. I shuffle the first number and then find the spot where the wheel moves under less tension than normal again. If the number is again 4 I can relatively confidently say that the first number is indeed 4. If not I stick with the new number and move on. I do this for every wheel once again. In most cases I have confirmed at least two numbers after going through the second time. After that I start again, once again noting any repeated numbers as most likely correct. In most cases by the third run through I have managed to get every wheel aligned to the correct number and the lock will open. It takes some practice to develop the right touch but these "high security" combination lock boxes can be opened in a matter of a couple of minutes without any tools whatsoever!

I just thought that this may be of some interest to you all and you may want to check it out. Let me know what you think!


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Re: Brinks "High Security" Lock Box

Could you please make photos? It seems it is not a normal spring loaded fence and with photos it is easier to understand what you want to tell us.
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Re: Brinks "High Security" Lock Box

Nice you've found your own way, try the sesame tool method, very easy on these ;)

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