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External Dial Removal Methods



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External Dial Removal Methods

Hello all,

I am curious by what methods people remove dials from the outside of a locked safe with as little damage as possible. I know about slide hammer dial pullers and the pullers that have screws that push the dial off from pressure on the door but am wondering about other options. I don't really like how those pullers have screws that bite into the dial. Is it possible to remove the dial without damaging it at all? I am particularly interested in doing this on old safes with rare, unreplaceable dials. Any thoughts?



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Re: External Dial Removal Methods


I wonder with the right materials one could make a dome shape with metal with a keyhole in the middle that would fit over dials without shrouds (space to get the thin metal between the dial and the door), then push on the outer ring and the dome would invert with many times the force on the middle keyhole structure. Remember those old toys you would turn inside out and they would pop and flip back to the memorized shape and jump many feet in the air.?

This would take some major material science to get right ... perhaps the screws biting into the dial are not that bad after all?

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