Post Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:57 am

A thread for the display of your mechanical safe locks

I am starting a thread here for anyone and everyone to upload any pictures of the locks in their collection, specifically the Mechanical combination safe locks.

The aim of this is to hopefully, over time, collate as comprehensive and detailed as possible list and catalogue of the various makes models styles and intricacies of the multitude of differing locks, and by doing so, aid and facilitate the identification of an unknown lock for anyone interested in doing so in the future.

I am going to begin this list with one of the main 'go-to' locks in the Group 2 category; the LaGard 3330...

**Edit #1**

Added now to the list is another staple of the Group 2 mechanical safelock repertoire of engineering artwork;

The S&G Group 2 6700 series lock...

**Edit #2**
The top pictures show my most recent addition to the catalogue; a 4- wheel group 2 LaGard 1800 series lock..
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