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S&G Lock Identification and Setup



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Post Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:34 am

S&G Lock Identification and Setup

I was given 2 S&G safe locks without any dials several years ago and I'd like to try learning manipulation on them.

- The more pressing question is what would I need to get these up and running.I plan on mounting these on a display board so I know I will need a Dial(D003 003), Ring(R004 002), Spindle Extension Kit(7312 003) and Spline key(U17)? I'm basing all these purchases on flipping through a IDN catalog in front of me. Is there a reliable source for getting these parts used/secondhand in Canada? Is that all I would need?

- The secondary interest for me is understanding which series of lock this is. On the round ring where it is typically marked with the lock series from the pictures I can see, it just says Sargent Greenleaf and Nicholasville.KY U.S.A. The sticker label simply says Group 2 NO. E-062282 on one and Group 2 NO. D-181203. It would be nice to figure out which lock these are. Comparing the pictures from the S&G website, looking at the materials used for the lever and the soldering to the fence, these could either be a 6630 or 6730 lock.

Thanks for any advice. I have looked around but most things I've found don't cover these finer details.


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Post Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:47 am

Re: S&G Lock Identification and Setup

Pictures always help :P

All you should need is a dial, ring, and spline key. No need for a spindle extension unless your display board is over a foot thick. A change key would also be helpful to have. I have the spline keys on hand, will be getting dials and rings soon and I also have some of those plastic lock mounts if you are interested. Navy blue in color.

It is most likely a 6730.
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Post Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:55 am

Re: S&G Lock Identification and Setup

6630 is not a Group 2 and can be recognized by the wheel on the nose of the lever. You probably have 6730s.
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