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Cannon Safe 40FBG Hard Plates




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Cannon Safe 40FBG Hard Plates



On this large Cannon safe the hard plates are in a "pocket" welded to the inside of the door, to which the lock is then mounted. After drilling this lock I now have a question regarding the hard plates.

Are the hard plates replaceable or can they be "rotated" (front to back, or 180 degrees horizontally) to present a new clean hard surface to the next attempt at drilling the safe? My idea is to use an angle grinder to grind off the top of the "pocket" to gain access to the plates and then rotate them, If possible??

I can't tell from looking if they are removable or not and I don't want to do the grinding if this idea won't work.


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Re: Cannon Safe 40FBG Hard Plates

harry photos speak volumes ... sounds interesting and looks like your thinking outside the box ..lol


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Re: Cannon Safe 40FBG Hard Plates

Yes, pictures would help. In theory the welds could be ground and the hard plate removed. Look and measure closely to make sure the hard plate will fit if flipped or rotated. It probably is not a precision fit in the pocket and if there is a gap or ground recess for the weld, simply grinding the surface will not release the weld that penetrates. You will probably need to use a die grinder with a thin cut off wheel to slice any weld that is below the surface.
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