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Lets redo another safe!



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Post Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:42 am

Re: Lets redo another safe!

Looking good. That plating company did one hell of a job.
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Post Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:54 am

Re: Lets redo another safe!

Worked on some gold leaf today with the masks for the top, sides, and some of the lettering. Often, I would just mask out the stripes with tape for the gold leaf. On this National there are two very thin (1/32") pinstripes inside of the gold leaf stripes. These would be tough to do by hand so I had a mask cut so I could do them all at once. Also, the gold stripes are not outlined on the sides and top of this National safe so clean straight edges are the order of the day. Measurements from the original were used to position the mask and it was taped in place. Then several pieces of masking tape are put across the center. The top half is folded down and the backing is peeled back and trimmed off. The top is put back in place and squeegeed out.


Then the tape is removed and the backing is removed from the bottom half and it is squeegeed out.


Now the white carrier mask is removed leaving the mask in place. There are a number of mask materials available, in this case an economy vinyl is used as it is very thin and the adhesive doesn't set up quickly. Being thin helps prevent a ridge of adhesive for the gold leaf developing at the edge and the weaker adhesive on the vinyl promotes easy removal if not left in place for too long. Here it is ready for the gold leaf.


Once the size (varnish based adhesive) is brushed on and allowed to dry to the proper tack, the gold is applied and brushed into place. Once brushed in and all the waste loose gold is cleaned up the pinstripes are painted with 1shot black sign paint with a pinstripe brush. At this point it won't win any beauty awards. You can see the gold has also been put on the mask for the lettering on the base of the safe.


After some dwell time the mask is carefully removed to leave the stripes and lettering with nice sharp edge lines. Certainly updated from the original.



Under certain lighting the 23 karat gold really pops!



I am still waiting for the artwork for the front of the safe and the door hinge. Tomorrow I meet with a new graphic artist about doing the artwork for the plated door cover. I am tired of the slow response from the first shop. :kickyoass: I am afraid the completion of this project is still a long way off. :rant:
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Post Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:08 pm

Re: Lets redo another safe!

Holy goodness. LOVIN' the latest!

Hard works payin' off.
What eye-candy :drool:
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