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Craigslist Diebold safe



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Post Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:25 am

Craigslist Diebold safe

I'm going to post this here also to see if any of you are familiar with this lock.

This Diebold safe turned up on Craigslist not far from home. It immediately caught my attention first of all because it was cheap, secondly it had this escutcheon on the back cover of the door. Advertised as open without the combination, it is just like I love to find them.


Upon arrival I found that the lever would operate the door bolt work and the dial spun freely. I removed the back cover to find the inner connecting parts removed. My heart sank. A quick search through the drawers tuned up nothing and then I noticed the parts sitting in a void at the bottom in the door. A little haggling and the price came down to real cheap.

Because the door had rounded corners I thought it might be 1920'ish but the style of the lock makes me think quite a bit older. The lock has a round housing with no identifying marks on the dial or case. It has a four wheel pack with a gravity fence on the bottom controlled by the bolt work.



It also has a relocker controlled by a pin mounted to the wheel pack cover. I have not seen a lock like this before.


Other tell tale features are the flat style finails on the hinges with plated spacers between the hinge halves, a single sided door handle, and a red border on the inside door jamb and on the jamb of the door. The inside is missing the metal compartment but the drawer from it is there. All four drawers are there including the keys. (all keyed differently). It did not have carpeting originally.

And who could resist that sexy wood grained paint job someone added?





Can anyone date this Diebold or identify the lock?
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Post Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:05 am

Re: Craigslist Diebold safe

Everything looks like a K lock until the wheel pack turns out to be hole change. The K lock is a key change. Bearing washers were used on Diebold thin-wall safes. All said, I still believe this to be a K lock.
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