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old hadak




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Post Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:22 am

old hadak

i do have a old hadak , dont know the right word fore it, not a safe but 4mm steel

it has a lock that i dont know anything about, and a "black" box on the side, probebly som kind of abuse lock?

i use it fore ammo, and i only have one key fore it

did take a second look at it, and i am thinking about what to do whit it, make a new key or try to change the lock to somthing newer, if its possible

anyone who have who knows what kind of lock it is?




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Post Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:59 am

Re: old hadak

On your two photos there is no lock visible. There are just covers of locks made by the safe manufacturer. Under what of these covers is the lock? Can it be removed? If not you can't change the lock. If yes, you can probably change the lock. If you make a photo with the cover removed it will help. A photo of the front with the key opening and a photo of the key (not the bittings!) might also help.
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