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But as 1 person asked how do you get the safe open in the first place??



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Re: Interesting: v9 S&G 2740B Lock RECOVERY OF LOST COMBINAT

*performing a resurrection dance* because I was able to have a good look.

This envelope is really a mystery for me. It is only possible to use the serial with the change key, i.e. with the door open. If the door is open it is possible to lock the lock, most likely with a turn of the dial or with the "444 tool" when the battery is empty. If the "444 tool" is needed and not available, it is not possible to do anything with the lock, because the battery is dead and the lock can't be opened. The information in the envelope is then useless. In all other cases, when the lock can be locked, it can be opened. Then you need only look inside the lock to read the information, which is in the envelope. The only useful thing about the envelope would be if the lock is sealed and it is not possible to open the lock without destroying the seal leading to all kinds of problems with bureaucrats. But I have seen no photo of an GSA container which has a seal near the lock.

As I resurrected this baby thread, I would like to ask here about the reliability of the FF-L-2740B locks. The main objective was to get a secure lock. Did this reduce the reliability? How do the S&G 2740B and the Kaba Mas X series compare to standard commercial safe locks regarding defect rate?
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